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  1. 1. Complete the guide

    You enter the necessary data in a simple order form. You will receive an email requesting payment. After payment, you will be asked to sign a power of attorney.

  2. 2. Research

    approx. 1 week

    We'll do research to evaluate whether your trademark can be registered. You will find out, for example, if your trademark is the same as an existing trademark, etc. If the trademark is not suitable for registration, we will refund your money for registration with a deduction for the research work carried out.

  3. 3. Preparation of the document for registration

    approx. 1 week

    We will prepare the application for the registration of your trademark at the Industrial Property Office and send it to you for review.

  4. 4. Submission to the Industrial Property Office

    Once you approve the application, it is submitted to the Industrial Property Office.

  5. 5. Check by the Industrial Property Office

    approx. 1 - 3 months

    The application undergoes a check at the office for approx. 3 months. Any requests for additions or modifications are consulted with you immediately.

  6. 6. Journal Publication of IPO

    The Industrial Property Office will publish the intention to register the trademark so that others can comment on it. This period usually lasts exactly 3 months.

  7. 7. Approval and registration

    After approximately 6 months, the trademark is approved and entered in the trademark register. The validity of a trademark is calculated from the time of filing the application with the Industrial Property Office.

  8. 8. Delivery of the certificate

    The obtained certificate will be delivered to your address free of charge by mail.

And you can easily follow the whole process online from the comfort of your office…

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